About Efficient Team

We invest in the B2B software that we use and love at Efficient App

Over a decade ago, Alex founded Efficient App with the goal of helping teams find and integrate their perfect software stack.

From seeing first-hand the time savings these tools resulted in, he knew he wanted to get involved on a deeper level.

What started as a healthy obsession in product feedback, evolved into a budding career in angel investing.

In July 2021, his first investment was put into Motion. Over the 12 months that followed, an additional 18 startups were added to his portfolio, all with a primary focus in efficiency B2B SaaS.

You can read more about his angel investing journey as he continues to document it over at Efficient VC.

🚀 Founder & Product @ efficient.app
👼 Angel Investor @ efficientvc.com
🤖 Automation & Integration
🔥 Product Obsessed